About this blog

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Hello, I’m Silvia! I’m a Canadian online English teacher, editor, and translator, roaming the planet as I work from my laptop.

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What makes this blog special?

For ESL learners:

As an online English teacher, I know lots of students love reading to practice and learn English.

However, I also know it’s often difficult: authentic articles use lots of advanced expressions, and it takes a long time to read the articles when you have to constantly stop and search for the new words in the dictionary.

But even if you do that, how will you remember the words? You’ve probably read lots of new words by now, but forgotten them immediately afterwards. There are websites that teach vocabulary (and some of them are great), but many of them just give long lists of words without natural context to make the learning interesting or show you how the expressions are used.

To that end, I made this blog in order to provide intermediate/advanced ESL learners with interesting (I hope!) and authentic content. My goal is to help you easily learn and remember useful advanced words to improve your English.

I write freely, then I go through my text and find the advanced expressions (I don’t artificially insert them, they were all used naturally). You can see the expressions used in natural context in the article.

You will also find explanations, examples, and often exercises related to the advanced expressions at the bottom of the article (they are linked to the words for your convenience), so you can easily practice and make sure you don’t just forget them.

For native speakers:

If you are here only for the article content, I think a lot about basically everything. You might find some new perspectives here, or simply some food for thought to fuel your next dinner-table conversation 🙂

Why “Book and Travel”?

Book and Travel pretty much summarizes my life philosophy. I travel very freely since I work online. If I want to go somewhere, I just book the trip. (Of course, this mindset applies to areas other than traveling, but travel is where I discovered and embraced it). Also, I read lots of books as I love learning. Most of the thoughts that I write about are generated by this lifestyle.

What will I post about?

Pretty much anything that comes to mind. I tend to read, think, and talk a lot about self-development stuff, so many ideas will be related to that. I will also have some travel and lifestyle related content.

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A bit more about me:

I grew up in Ottawa, Canada then moved to Europe and started traveling around, teaching English online and doing freelance translation and editing as a living. I love learning languages, I love teaching English, and I especially love getting to connect with so many amazing people all over the world and help them through their personal journeys 🙂

I travel quite often (several times a month even), but I also move countries fairly frequently. (I’ve lived for several months in all of Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, Valencia, Bremen, Bratislava, Bologna, Genoa, and counting). When I visit a place I try to really breathe in its real essence and get involved somehow in the local life: get to know some people, learn a new skill, or get immersed one way or another in a part of the local culture.

I try to be a minimalist and a power of good for the planet, and I hope to gradually transition into a zero-trash / zero-plastic lifestyle.

I love stories in all forms – books, movies, series, plays, ballets, campfire tales, or just chats about life with the person next to you on the bus. I also love to think a lot about everything interesting I find out and discuss it with friends & like-minded people. I believe we are all made to help each other and grow together 🙂

I love to read but I don’t own many paper books due to the fact that I live out of 3 suitcases. I have about 1500 kindle books and 300 audio books. I also listen to podcasts and watch lots of TV series and movies. I consider all of these mediums to be points of departure for inspiration, learning, and hours of careful thought or vivid discussion.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Want to know more about my journey? Find me on Instagram @sadamyova 🙂